Thus unified

Men are intolerant than women and this is the truth that no one can deny.  They will rebel even for the minuest atrocity on them. But women are themselves the symbol of patience, courage and emotions.  For this time since women are coming forth and standing up for their nation, this means that the whole nation of kashmir is standing.  Since they are having stones in hand it means the to be generation is going to be rebellious,  for their beingness had been from a rebel.  The holding of stones by women implies the highest n obsolete oppression by the world’s largest democracy; ENDIA .
Burhaan wani’s death …. what did it do? It just unified kashmir ❤❤❤



Faith togethered with will can move mountains. You think life to be a gamble or a game of dice .. just in the hands of destiny we put our everything.  None takes the step as a pawn in chess with the faith that my king won’t let me ruin 


Kashmir now

Ever heard of a mother killing her children, taking their toys , making them face the brutality of world? 

Well you won’t because no mother does this. She just can’t be one.

Like wise Mehbooba mufti is no deserving ruler of this state. She puts her countrymen in loss every now and then. Just a few days ago we paid for internet that too 310 for month…  in the world of today nothing works without communication means and yet again e-curfew has taken place


for my nation : KASHMIR

thB5V480DQa girl is born , as she grows her best acquaintance is her brother…
though hard and tough ,he might be firm n rigid…. just for her well-being
reliable is she on her brother
mystified is he for her…
soon she gets captured under a new sky;
where men disappear and vanish in their so own air
Tangled with this scenery her perception changes,
her anxiety for her brother begins.
soon a shot is made in somewhere
may it not be his BROTHER” she sighs in despair
O MARTYR ! O MARTYR! you are alive

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in the  age of today every now and then we come to know about mental illness and being emotionally and psychologically weak. We the present era people lack the self -motivating capabilities and underestimate our selves with each coming trails. Trails are to make us strong. But we fail to realise our strengths and let our fate drown with the sinking ship. The best way to feel LIFE is to self counsel oneself. Talking with yourself doesn’t make you mad, it’S actually the sign that you are your own bestfriend.

believe me you will find peace there