paradise lost

with the ink that flowed through its pages….

the book bathed with blood hearing its tale 


ig: enab_rasool_


7 thoughts on “paradise lost

    1. Conditions are not good. High speed internet is banned , one can hardly think of staying without internet in present day world. Secondly freedom of being a LIVING BEING WITH ABILITY TO THINK AND STAND BY WHAT YOU FEEL RIGHT FOR YOUR WELL BEING is no more a freedom, the government at the center will decide it. Well the condition is exactly like hooligans are ruling THE ONCE SUPREMELY DEMOCRATIC INDIA , religious riots have started . About kashmir THE GOVERNMENT MLA’S believe we should be shot with bullets for having a stone in hand. On 17th of this month the students movement was launched by students and every student did participate. It was going peacefully until police fired tear gas shells on masses. Plus 6 students are charged under ATTEMPT TO MURDER just beacuse they rebelled. Two of the female students have head injuries here in city .. one was hit at her forehead and of the other she has got the fracture in skull


      1. That’s insane . . . When it comes to protests, it’s actually not much different here in the United States. College students get sprayed with mace and shot with tear-gas cannisters for -sitting- peacefully on a lawn in protest. People get attacked with vicious dogs and shot with rubber bullets, beaten with clubs, for stopping oil pipe-lines which will poison the water on their land.

        For now, we have relatively affordable high-speed internet (although a lot of people still can’t afford it). Unfortunately, it’s more and more censored all the time. The entire world is moving toward a new era of thought control. I hope I don’t live long enough to see it come to fruition.


        1. Ofcourse the world is moving towards its end. Intolerance is at its peak. I don’t understand how those people get to be in government. Everyone condemns their rulers , n i fail tow understand how this happens then.


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