4th may, 2017 


From social media ofcourse the news came that Zakir bhai and sadam bhai are trapped in a village in shopian. Meanwhile 4000 army men cordoned adjoining 20 villages too. Choppers are being used for getting to their exact location. Youth have taken upon streets once again. The lust of land has already murdered humanity in past and nothing is changed even now. Even though being well aware of how atrocity feels like, ENDiA emerges as one of the biggest oppressors . Or i may say they enjoyed slavery and are expecting someone else to do that too. But listen india loins can’t be caged. Had world war 2 not taken place, You would have still being wiping the shits of british. We will rebel till victory‚úĆ. We will emerge as a nation. Once again my heart cries ONE SLOGAN ONE TRACK GO INDIA GO BACK.