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Technological world

Technology came to rise to reduce human efforts. But uptill when?  The world has praised every developer for designing beautiful gadgets to save human time and reduce human efforts. But what effects does it have on livings? Talking of human and having noticed something along those years of growth what i have noticed is my degraded handwriting. There were times when people would praise me saying “mokhti hui chekh lekan”  and now all i know and work upon is how to type fast, how to type without looking at keyboard, how to type 120 words in 1 min. All along this race what went unnoticed are my finger tips. Look at them, look at the shape they have acquired. I always find ways to speak confidently, without stammering. I always keep on searching what illness i am suffering from because while speaking i forget the words that would fit in place. Without noticing that these days we speak less and type more. Isn’t it enough to make us forget our natural language and our ability to speak? About the effects of screen light on our eyes, we know ophthalmologists these days are so concerned about our eye sight too. Dry eyes, irritation from light are common things to this generation. If i say technology is reducing our natural ability to learn will not be wrong. Humanity is so because of emotions in homo sapiens. AND these emotions  are what technologists are targeting in humans now.  In a lecture by HOD women’s college srinagar, IOK, he said, scientists kept a child in a company of a dog for 4 years and got used to his existence. When that dog died, they didn’t want that child to cry keeping him happy forever. So they decided to keep children in the company of technological dog that won’t die ever. Think about it. Working on technologies like AI is to make computers able to think like a human brain and working on keeping children happy forever  is to make humans work and behave like machines. 

This won’t be wrong to say that in  next few generations human body will be reduced to a single cell.